Canada’s Soybean Advantage

Download this eight-page overview of why Canada is a world leader in production of top-quality food-type soybeans, and a growing supplier of commodity soybeans for processing. Click on the language of your choice:

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Research & Development Workshop Reports: 2016 & 2020

These reports were developed from an industry-wide R&D workshop of all members of the soybean value-chain and research community: one in 2016 and another in 2020. They highlight a series of R&D priorities identified by the Canadians soybean sector and the action required to advance goals.

Download the 2020 report in your language of choice:

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Download the 2016 report.

Quality Assurance for Canadian Food Grade Soybeans

Soy Canada has partnered with the Canadian Grain Commission, the Canadian Seed Institute and the Canadian Seed Growers Association to produce a comprehensive Quality Assurance brochure for the food grade soybean sector in Canada.  Click on the language of your choice:

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Strategic Market Readiness Plan Discussion Paper

This consultation document outlines our strategy to grow the soybean sector over the next 10 years.  It involves the entire soybean value-chain and sets ambitious but realistic growth targets that will guide the soybean sector over the coming decade.  Download the report.

Soy Canada Identity Preserved (IP) Procedures

This document outlines the standards, best practices and recommended IP procedures related to the Canadian Grain Commission’s CIRPS program.  Download the document.

Economic Impact Study

This analysis by MNP LLP concludes soybeans now contribute $5.6 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product, as well as 54,000 full-time jobs across the nation. Download the report.