Soy Canada Announces Upcoming Retirement of Executive Director

Posted on: December 23, 2020

Ottawa, Ontario (December 23, 2020) – Soy Canada, a national industry association uniting all components of the Canadian soybean sector, from research to production, processing and export, is announcing the pending retirement of Executive Director Ron Davidson. After 50 years associated with the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector, Ron will step down in the spring of 2021.

Davidson took the leadership role in 2017, four years after the Canadian Soybean Council, the Canadian Soybean Exporters Association and affiliated organizations amalgamated to form Soy Canada. Previously, Davidson had divided his career as an international trade, government and media relations specialist among a diverse group of government agencies and agriculture associations in Canada and five foreign assignments.

“It has been an honour and a pleasure to work collaboratively for the past three years with the Board of Directors, members and staff of Soy Canada as all engaged in a collective endeavour to strengthen Canadian soybean production and expand exports. From seed developers to producers, processors and exporters, the value-chain demonstrated the unity, the commitment and the resilience that constitute the key ingredients for achievement of the ambitious but realistic growth targets the sector has established,” said Ron Davidson, Executive Director, Soy Canada.

Grown in Atlantic, Eastern and Western Canada, soybeans have been Canada’s third most valuable field crop for the past seven consecutive years. Davidson led Soy Canada by focusing on research and innovation, foreign market access and trade development, the building of a distinct industry profile, and active government and media relations.

“Ron Davidson has been an enthusiastic and persistent advocate for the soybean sector throughout his tenure as the Executive Director of Soy Canada. Ron’s experience and knowledge gave him, and Soy Canada, the ability to take on the challenges of weather, negative global markets and political decisions in a professional manner. He never took his eye off implementing the strategic plan,” said Ernie Sirski, Chair, Soy Canada.

Davidson will continue in his position until April 2021, providing ongoing leadership and direction for Soy Canada while assisting in the transition planning.

The Soy Canada Board has initiated the search process to find the next Executive Director. You can find the job poster here.

For additional information contact:

Ernie Sirski

Chair, Board of Directors, Soy Canada


Emma Coffin

Director, Corporate Affairs, Soy Canada