Handling and Transport

As one of the world’s largest food-producing economies, Canada is deeply invested in the business of transporting and handling grain. This commitment means importers can count on fast, efficient, reliable delivery, which ultimately results in better value when purchasing Canadian soybeans.

State-of-the-art elevator system

Canadian grain companies are constantly expanding their network of high-throughput elevators and inland terminals. Many of these facilities can segregate specific varieties and specialty traits for buyers using the Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System.

Many facilities have modern Harada roller separators and optical sorting equipment, in addition to their excellent processing lines of cleaners, gravity sorters, destoners and polishers. This equipment ensures that soybeans leave the elevator at the specific quality standard the customer has come to expect.

Primary/processing elevators:
About 370 high-throughput elevators
More than 7 million tonnes of storage capacity

Terminal elevators:
15 terminal elevators
More than 2.4 million tonnes of storage capacity

Extensive transportation links

Grain elevators are linked to ports on the West Coast and in Eastern Canada by Great Lakes shipping lanes and railways covering more than 17,000 miles of track.

Export facilities at ports have the capacity to load large ships, making them an excellent alternative to departure from the U.S. gulf or South America.