Videos & Images

Introduction to Canadian Soybeans

Learn about Soy Canada, the national association representing every group involved in the development, production, handling, processing, and transport of Canadian soybeans. Our focus is sustainably producing high-quality soybeans to markets around the world.

Canadian Soybean Quality

Canadian soybeans are among the best in the world, and they’re in demand. Learn how Canada continually invests in the soybean value chain to produce the best, high-quality soybeans tailored to customer needs.

Canadian Soybean Sustainability

Canadian farmers are proud of our sustainable soybean production. Learn about their commitment to sustainable production that preserves air, water and soil for generations to come.

Canadian Soybean Production

Canada is a leading exporter in soybeans. Our unique growing conditions, quality seeds, farming practices, transportation and export facilities all contribute to the delivery of the highest quality Canadian soybeans to our customers.

Tracing Canadian Soybeans from Farm to Customer

Canadian soybeans travel from farm to customer in this video, demonstrating the steps taken to ensure quality products are being delivered.