Canadian Soybean Advantages

Canada has one of the world’s best environments for growing top-quality soybeans. From planting to harvest and beyond, our industry is ready to surpass global standards and assure reliable delivery.

Superior growing conditions

Canada is envied around the world for its clean air, productive farmland and pristine waters. Our vast expanses of farmland have deep, fertile soils to support healthy roots and strong, productive soybean crops for both food and commodity uses.

Canadian farmers are highly skilled and knowledgeable stewards of the land who make good use of these natural advantages. They maintain consistent soybean yields by investing in advanced equipment and technology, and they sustain soil health through reduced tillage, well-planned crop rotations and sound pest management. Farmers are assisted by an extensive network of public and private agronomists and crop scientists who advise them on optimal practices for planting, crop nutrition, pest management and harvesting.

Progressive breeding programs

High quality starts at the breeding and development stage, which in Canada benefits from both public and private research. Universities, government agencies and seed companies develop characteristics tailored to the specifications of international customers. Extensive field-testing and selection ensures that only the best varieties are brought into commercial production.

Meeting global standards

Canada’s quality assurance and certification systems are among the best in the world. Careful testing and monitoring by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) assures high quality, safety and respect for the biotechnology approval processes of importing countries.

One of CGC’s services is the Harvest and Export Quality Report, an annual evaluation of the harvest quality of all major grains and soybeans grown in Canada. Through scientific analysis of farmer-provided samples, the program monitors the overall compositional quality of the crop across growing regions and crop years.

Canada also offers the world’s most integrated Identity Preserved System, which has an unmatched record for tracking the production and handling of food-grade and specialty trait soybeans, and assuring their delivery to the right customers.

Reliable infrastructure, ready to deliver

As one of the world’s largest food-producing economies, Canada is deeply invested in the grain-handling business. This commitment means importers can count on fast, efficient, reliable delivery, which ultimately results in better value when purchasing Canadian soybeans.

Canadian grain companies are constantly expanding their network of high-throughput elevators and inland terminals linked to ports by rail and road systems. Hundreds of modern, high-quality grain elevators are ready to store and move large volumes of soybeans from farm to market. Many can segregate specific varieties and specialty traits for buyers using the Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System.

At ports on the west coast and in Eastern Canada, export facilities have the capacity to load large ships, making them an excellent alternative to departure from the U.S. gulf or South America.