Seed Innovation

World leaders in plant breeding keep Canada at the leading edge of soybean growing technology. Private and public researchers apply decades of breeding experience to deliver the traits desired by today’s global customers.

A team approach

In Canada, seed development is provided by a vibrant research sector made up of private and publicly funded plant breeders. This shared commitment has provided Canadian farmers with about 200 registered soybean varieties, each with its own tolerance for specific environments, diseases and pests.

Areas of focus

Plant breeders work collaboratively to develop, evaluate and register varieties that meet the needs of farmers and the marketplace. Cooperation with farm organizations ensures new varieties can keep the industry one step ahead of emerging agronomic challenges like soybean cyst nematode and glyphosate resistance. Breeders also work closely with food processors and importers to ensure they are developing the traits global customers will want, today and in the future.

For Identity Preserved soybeans, seed developers are continuing to refine specific quality traits such as colour, seed size, protein, sugar levels and mouth feel. They are also accelerating the development of varieties with low linoleic content and high levels of Omega-3 and oleic acid.


Soybean Breeders in Canada

Organization / CompanyBreeding Program
PublicAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaNon-GM
Centre de recherche sur les grains inc. (CÉROM)Non-GM
University of GuelphNon-GM
PrivateBayer Crop ScienceGM
Corteva AgriscienceBoth
Pride SeedsGM
Sevita InternationalNon-GM
Semence Prograin Inc.Both
Sollio AgricultureBoth