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Food Grade Variety Finder

Welcome to the Food-Grade Variety Finder. With over 100 varieties featured this is the most comprehensive database of Canadian food-grade soybean varieties available. Using the interactive tools, you can search for varieties grown in Canada that are suitable to meet all your functionality needs.


How To Use

Filter and Variety Details
Scroll down and use the available filter options to the left of the page to select the quality characteristics you are most interested in. When you have found a variety that meets your needs, click on the desired variety to find extended quality and composition information. You will also be able to easily contact a food grade exporter or seed company to inquire about that variety

Compare Varieties
You can easily compare quality and composition attributes for up to five varieties. Simply click the “Compare” button associated with each variety. That variety will appear in the comparison toolbox at the bottom of your screen. Simply unclick the compare or click the small X within the toolbox to remove a variety. When you have selected all desired varieties, click “Compare”. The comparison page will list up to five varieties and their attributes. You can remove a veriety at any time by clicking the “Remove” button under the variety name. You can also print this page at any time by clicking the printer icon above the chart.

Private / Public Designations
In the top of each variety box, you will find information about whether the variety is public or private; those varieties that are public are available from multiple Canadian soybean exporters, while those that are private are only available from a single Canadian soybean exporter.


You can compare up to five (5) items at a time.

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