Soy Canada Presents Award at Japan’s Annual Tofu Competition

Posted on: October 2, 2017

Tokyo, JPN – Soy Canada recognized the winner of Japan’s annual tofu competition this week by presenting the top tofu manufacturer an award for using Canadian soybeans.  The event marked Soy Canada’s first appearance at the annual Nippon Tofuya Summit where end-use manufacturers compete for the title of best-tasting tofu.

“Japan continues to be one of the Canadian soybean sector’s largest customers,” said Jim Millington, Soy Canada’s Director of Market Development.  “A key pillar of our marketing strategy includes building our industry’s profile and recognizing manufacturers and processors in key specialty end-use markets like Japan and other developing regions.”

In addition to presenting an award and delivering a speech to conference participants, Soy Canada also met with representatives from the Japan Grain Inspection Association to learn more about the organization’s sensory tests and analysis of Canadian soybean varieties.  Time was also devoted to further promote Soy Canada’s international market newsletter aimed at getting new information about the Canadian soybean industry in the hands of international customers and stakeholders.

“We know the importance of maintaining a close relationship with Japanese stakeholders in order to remain competitive against other well-resourced, large soybean producing countries,” said Dale Adolphe, Soy Canada’s interim Executive Director.  “Staying engaged with our international partners and leveraging these opportunities to showcase the strength of our rapidly expanding soybean sector is an important part of our marketing strategy.”

In 2016, total Canadian soybean exports to Japan reached approximately 350,000 tonnes at a value of almost $275 million.  Canada is among the top three suppliers of soybeans to Japan.

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