Soy Canada Supports Budget 2017 Commitment to Growing Agri-Food Sector

Posted on: March 23, 2017

Soy Canada supports Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s intention, outlined in yesterday’s budget, to capitalize on the future growth of the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.  The new 2017-18 fiscal plan outlines new export targets and spending programs designed to uncap the potential of the agriculture industry.

The 2017 budget includes commitments to trade and getting agriculture products to market.  Soy Canada welcomes the commitment under the $8.2 billion Skills and Innovation Plan to increase Canada’s agri-food exports from $55 billion to $75 billion annually by the year 2025.  This is a positive step in signaling to international importers and end-users that Canadian agriculture has the capacity to meet international demand.

The budget also focuses on the importance of agriculture innovation.  “We are pleased to see the government heed the advice of the Advisory Council on Economic Growth and recognize the critical role innovation plays in growing our sector,” said Executive Director Jim Everson.  “Agriculture research and innovation are key pillars that help our industry develop new technology and stay competitive in international markets.”

Other budget highlights related to the agriculture sector include commitments to prioritizing trade with key Asian markets, investing in rail and transportation projects, and supporting Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The items identified in the 2017 plan are positive steps towards unleashing the growth potential of the Canadian agriculture sector.  Soy Canada looks forward to working closely with the federal government and other partners at ensuring they are provided with the essential tools and resources necessary to achieve the targets outlined in the budget and promote Canada as an agriculture powerhouse around the world.


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Jim Everson

Executive Director