What We Do

As a full value-chain organization, Soy Canada fosters better communication, collaboration and knowledge throughout the Canadian soybean industry. Our team approach helps all partners move forward with greater speed and purpose, and with a continual focus on customer needs.

Representing every part of the soybean supply chainwhat-we-do-1

Soy Canada is a national association representing every group involved in the development, production, handling, processing and transport of Canadian soybeans.

We were formed in 2014 by the members of two previous organizations: the Canadian Soybean Council, which represented soybean farmers, and the Canadian Soybean Exporters Association (CSEA), which was focused on expanding markets and improving the quality of Canadian soybeans. The addition of seed companies, commodity exporters, processors and other industry participants created a full value chain organization.

By joining forces, we have established one strong, clear voice for the Canadian soybean industry, with the means to work together efficiently and effectively as we capitalize on our potential.

A clear and comprehensive mandate

Canadian soybean production has increased significantly in recent years and is poised for further growth. However, the industry faces challenges both domestically and internationally.

In export markets, the industry needs to overcome minimum access provisions, slow regulatory approvals and other trade barriers. In addition, we are competing for market share against nations with huge promotional budgets.

Within Canada, there is a need to increase processing capacity to keep pace with the rapid increase in production. We also need to make the most of research dollars, and ensure that policymakers and the public are aware of the enormous potential of this growing industry.

Soy Canada is committed to overcoming these challenges through four strategic areas of focus:

Our mandate

More responsive to customers

In addition to benefiting our members, this new partnership creates many advantages for buyers of Canadian soybeans. We work closely with global customers to understand their needs, and we communicate these expectations to every group involved in Canadian soybean supply, from researchers to exporters.

Through Soy Canada, importers can count on:

  • Coordinated industry strategies to improve value and competitiveness
  • A team approach to research, variety development and handling improvements, driven by customer needs
  • Faster transfer of new research findings to the field
  • A single point of contact to reach the entire national industry