Annual Report (2022-2023)
Download the report.

Strategic Plan
10 Million Acres of Opportunity. Download the report.

Quality Assurance for Canadian Food Grade Soybeans
Soy Canada has partnered with the Canadian Grain Commission, the Canadian Seed Institute and the Canadian Seed Growers Association to produce a comprehensive Quality Assurance brochure for the food grade soybean sector in Canada.  Click on the language of your choice:

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Economic Impact Study
This analysis by MNP LLP concludes soybeans now contribute $5.6 billion to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product, as well as 54,000 full-time jobs across the nation. Download the report.

Canadian Soybeans: Sustainably Grown, Customer Focused
Download this eight-page overview of why Canada is a world leader in producing top-quality food-type soybeans, and a growing supplier of commodity soybeans for processing. This resource explains Canadian soybean growing regions, growing conditions, sustainable practices and how Soy Canada delivers more value for customers.

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