Sustainability information for producers

Committed to sustainable production

Sustainable Canadian Soy is a voluntary program for any Canadian soybean grower, grain handler and exporter.

The program utilizes the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), a globally recognized whole farm sustainability benchmarking and assessment program.




  • Participation in the Sustainable Canadian Soy program is voluntary and includes completing an on-farm sustainability questionnaire about economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.
  • The program will be managed by participating Canadian grain exporters and handlers who serve customers who are asking for sustainability verification.
  • The verification includes a third-party assessment for a small number of participating growers each year.

Identity Preserved (IP) and food grade soybean growers interested in participating in the program can sign up with their exporter or grain handler.

Sustainable Canadian Soy Launch

Created by the Canadian soybean value chain

Led by Soy Canada, the Sustainable Canadian Soy program was developed with extensive farmer and industry-wide consultation. Throughout the process, the entire Canadian soybean value chain was consulted, including grower and grain associations. In addition, focussed consultations with 25 different organizations, including member and non-member grain handlers and processors were conducted.

Meeting customer demand

Customers of Canadian value-added soybeans have asked for a verifiable sustainable program, and this new program will enable Canadian’s soybean value chain to compete for market share in North American and global markets.

Driving market opportunities 

The Sustainable Canadian Soy program is market-driven and will ensure continued access to premium markets as well as create new market opportunities for the soybean value chain.


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